Kelly Kiyoshk - Manido
sscd 4504

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This is Kelly’s first collection of Native American Flute Songs. “I call my first CD Manido , which is anishnabe for spirit because through the spirit of the flute a person can open their mind to help see what is in their heart. It is my hope that thought these songs people can see their connection to the earth and life by clearing their minds of the confusion that is all around us.”

CD lineup

1. Spirits gathering 
2. Evening Fires
3. Before the dawn
4. Fish clan 
5. Here on earth 
6. Cedar groves 
7. Red sky woman
8. Grandfather’s love
9. Waterfall spirit 
10. Heart of the warrior 
11. Where the rivers divide
12. Keepers of the truth
13. The mother of all
14. Woodland journey 
15. Red man’s blues