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Deep in the bush of Northwestern Ontario lies the tiny Ojibway community of Nibinamik. It is here that WigWam has its roots. Their rehearsal space started as a small cabin with wood heat and they travel to gigs by bush plane. Their music is steeped in their culture, which they wish to share with those who listen.

Wig Wam is: Norman Beaver – Lead Vocals, Guitar; Cornelius Neshinapaise – Vocals, Harmony; David Wabasse – Bass Guitar

01. Miinawaa (Again)
02. Gaamiinikooyan (You Were Given)
03. Niibawin (Stand Up)
04. Miikanaa (The Road)
05. Mazhkaawikaabwin (Standing Strong)
06. Gim Eta (Only You)
07. Gitaaki (Mother Earth)
08. Oshkadis (The Youth Song)
09. Anishinaabeg (The Native Song)
10. Adisokaan (Legend)

Guest Musicians: Lionel Desjarlais – Guitar, Harmony; Danny Schur – Key Board;
Rob Cheswick – Blues Harp; Sonny Bandura – Drums; Clint Dutiaume - Fiddle