The Bannock Song - Harry Davies
sscd 4139

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I (Harry Davies), am a Cree native from the lesser slave lake area, my home is in Faust, Alberta, Canada, and have loved country music all of my life. 

Country music has inspired me to go out and sing the music that people love to hear.  I hope that you enjoy 21 of my favorite; I hope their yours as well. 
This recording is a compilation of 2 Harry Davies albums that were released in the past.  This album contains the hit song “The Bannock Song” 

CD Lineup

1.    Bannock Song
2.    Picture of me without you
3.    Can’t make no sense
4.    California road
5.    When the sun goes down
6.    Riding the rodeo
7.    Too cold at home
8.    Sight for sore eyes
9.    Modern day romance
10.    Janine 
11.    One night with you
12.    Hurts so good 
13.    I should have called
14.    Snow white 
15.    Don’t worry 
16.    Perfect picture
17.    I loved em everyone
18.    I never go around mirrors 
19.    One for the money 
20.    Marry me
21.    Ten guitars