SSCD 4203

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1. A tribute to wilf carter
2. Capture of Albert Johnson 
3. How my yodeling day began 
4. The fate of old strawberry roam
5. Hobos song to the Mounties
6. Tumble down shake by the tail
7. The yodeling trail rider
8. Swiss moonlight lullaby
9. I bought a rock for a rocky mountain gal
10. The dying mothers prayer 
11. He rode the old strawberry roam
12. My rambiln days are thru 
13. My little yoho lady
Stew Clayton has been told many times over his lengthy career that he is the closes thing to wilf carter fans have ever heard.
Here at long last stew pays tribute to his life long idol with a collection of some of wilf's biggest victor bluebird-hit songs and yodels done the way that wilf originally recorded them with just guitar accompaniment.