24 ABORIGINAL ARTISTS - Volume 1 - Various Artists
SSCD 4253

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Sunshine Records has compiled 24 artists into one great package that offers 24 great songs. Every artist is popular in certain regions, and many have National Appeal. I hope you have many hours of listening pleasure from this fabulous compilation of Canadian Aboriginal Artists.
01. Part of Being Anishinabe  JODY THOMAS GASKIN
03. Sticks & Stones  WEEKEND WARRIORS
04. Guitars & Cadillac’s  RAY FOX
05. Quarter in the Jukebox  TRAPLINE BAND
06. Spirit of the North  BRAVESTONE
07. Chicken Truck  ERNEST MONIAS
08. Don’t Stop Playin’ the Jukebox  RICHARD MCIVOR
09. If Teardrops Were Pennies  THE GARPIDY'S
10. The Flame is Gone  MIKE HENRY
11. The Bannock Song  HARRY DAVIES
12. Chosen One  MISHI DONOVAN
13. Soldier Blue  EDWARD GAMBLIN
14. Don’t Be Cruel  CHARLIE GOERTZEN
15. Cry of the Wild  WIGWAM
16. Heart Broke by a Woman  RAREBREED
17. Kitch-Ogamah  BEARPAWS
18. Ov Beer & Red Wine Music  ROBBIE BRASS
19. Spirits Fly  HECTOR MENOW
20. These Words She Said To Me  THE HENRY BROS
21. It’s Party Time  HARV SETTEE
22. Now That You Are Gone  BILLY SIMARD
23. Honky Tonk Survivor  BRIAN MOON
24. Goosed by a Moose  WINSTON WUTTUNEE